August 02, 2006

He's Not Our Friend

I take blogging personally. I take the projects related to blogging that I'm involved in personally. That's because online is half my world or better. I am here at least half time. I make half my income here. And I don't apologize for it. I made more than half my income through online clients during the ecommerce boom. I don't remember apologizing for that either. I am a grown up. I can handle my personal and marketing related activities accordingly. When they intersect with this space, I'll handle them however I please. If you disagree, you'll go away. And if my clients disagree, they'll go away. In the mean time, aren't we having fun!?!?!

Glad we've cleared that up. Now, for Dave Winer.

As I said, Dave's comments on BlogHer that several folks have linked to made me want to toss my cookies or drive over a cliff like two chicks in a Buick or whatever kind of car it was in that movie he referenced. Why? Because he set us up. I knew he was setting us up when he started talking about BlogHer favorably MONTHS before the conference; I knew he was setting us up when he started linking to Elisa so frequently (Dave's ulterior motives reside consistently in his hyperlinks); and I knew he was setting us up when he declared he was going to miss the conferences that were important to his business and wallet to attend BlogHer. I said it out loud to more than one person: He's setting you up.

Divide and conquer. It's a really old trick.

Amyloo says Dave is not our enemy. I say Dave is not our friend.

Dave decides to point to Shelley now that she's criticizing a women-run conference. I predicted it as soon as I read her post.

It creeps me out, Dave's comments about babes-n-sexy-n-guy-to-girl-ratios, and his using a photo from BlogHer as his  banner on Scripting News. My reaction: like seeing Jesse Jackson's face on an old Ford pickup truck driving through South Georgia: Somebody's up to no good.

You can call me crazy, or you can call me after you've spent five years here and have had a number of Dave encounters. But that sweet-sexy-babe-techy-women-nerding-out still makes me want to puke.

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