August 05, 2006

Dave on Women Used to Be Kind of Interesting...

but it's old now. i could write these comments about women for him they've been replayed so many times.

i'm not sexist. why should a guy be called sexist just for pointing out women look beautiful. If i said they were ugly, I'd get called out for that too. I can't win. Men can't win when it comes to gender issues. Damned if we do, damned if we don't. But i a woman says a guy is handsome, we like that, blah blah babes blah blah women blah blah men and women blah blah same for men blah blah can't have it both ways blah blah RSS blah blah OPML blah blah Guy Kawasaki blah blah BlogHer blah blah bimbos blah blah you attack me blah blah personal attack blah blah blah can't work with people blah blah blah I like to stay positive blah blah wah. {{Now link to me for i will feel loved.}}
--jeneane for dave

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