September 07, 2003

At different times, different things

Blogging means different things at different times to me. Tonight, it is a complete procrastination tool.

Mostly, blogging is breathing. It's something I have to do, to write, to hear my voice, to know I'm alive, you're alive. It's about hearing heart beats. And when I go away from it, the world sounds so loud, but not with beating hearts. More with backfiring cars and pound-pound-pound from the rennovations on the house up the street. How many cars really need to back out of driveways every day? Don't they know?

Tonight though, pure and simple, I'm procrastinating here. I have copy to write. I don't want to write it. I want to hear hearts beating instead.

This is not good.

Looming deadline.

Lots of pages to write.

Why am I hear?

The question is, why do we have to be anyplace else. Darnit.

Okay, I have to do my work now.

More later.