September 07, 2003

blogging is like having a cigarette

okay, so, I finished another page of web copy, so blogging is my reward, my way to lul myself in the coma I seem to need to be in these days to sleep.

Jenna is doing well. So well. We are so thankful. She's back to 100-percent, with a doctor re-check coming this week. In some ways, I think she's better than she's been in a long time. Of course, that could have something to do with having her daddy to pal around with.

I had a recurring dream last night that Hunter the cat came back. And back. And back. Every time I opened the front door, there he was, jumping through the screen (like always) and biting my calves. It was one of those real dreams. When I went outside today, I opened the door slowly.

The house is a mess. I realize now that the eight hours of sleep I got last night was the longest run of shut-eye I've had in nearly three weeks. Most nights since Jenna got sick were 4 hours, and the hospital was virtually sleepless for three days, followed by the killer work project of all projects, and more of the same.

I'm not complaining because that sweet baby who'll be six years old the end of this month is doing well. Like I said, at this time in my life, that's what matters.

Still, I'm tired. And I think I better hit the sack.

Thanks for hanging with me.

I'm hoping Hossein has the comments working again this week. I miss them. I don't know how glovegirl lives without 'em. ;-)