September 13, 2003

A rant that makes no sense to you, maybe.

Don't you hate it when women get laid off right when they're coming back from maternity leave? You hate that. Right? I hated that when it happened to me six years ago. I hated it so much I got a good lawyer who got the severance I deserved (the one that was in the employee handbook, not the one they made up on let-go day).

Boy, I really hated that I was punished for having a baby after five years of stellar performance, the company hero, the results getter.

Can you spell W-h-a-t- h-a-v-e y-o-u d-o-n-e f-o-r m-e l-a-t-e-l-y.

You really hate that not very many people understand that while you were out of the office, you were finishing baking and birthing a human being. That kind of took up some time on this extended vacation called "disability" (in my day it was).

There are enough women in HR now, in management now, that this shouldn't be happening. It is beginning to smell more and more rotten to me. When women are so worried about their own asses that they won't even stop to notice another woman's ass being raked over the coals, that just plain stinks.

What's next--should we start eating our young and just be done with it?

I mean, there are enough mothers out there to stand up against this growing practice of ousting women on the eve of their return to work, to make a real stink about it when it happens to a colleague. Aren't there?

Aren't there?

Where are all the fucking women in this world?


And by the way, if this happens to you unjustly, and you live in Georgia, Adam Conti's great.