September 12, 2003

bye bye ketchum blog

An update of sorts: the ketchum blog I referenced a couple of days back for its cluelessness is now sans content. As in, the posts there have been deleted, but either someone doesn't know how to delete the blog itself, or maybe they're planning to have another go at it. Time will tell. I have my guess already. I wish I had a bookie.

My original post on the blog has no comments because YACCS, my comment facility, was down and out at the time. But hunt around the PR bloggers. You'll see the references. The latest is over on PR Opinions, where I left a comment, and Tom wrote another good post (although we differ in our predictions) on the topic of BigPR.

So that's the update.

Oh, and...

Anyone wonder if I'm feeling particularly good about pointing the Ketchum blog out and generating much PR biz buzz over it? Or if maybe I'm feeling guilty that my pointing out the blog may have played a role in their ditching the content?

Do you really want to know?

Who knows me--come on, you guys know me... what's your vote?

Good or Guilty.

Lemme know, then I'll tell you that I feel G......................... Well, maybe later.