October 08, 2003

Going Gonzo

I could stay here this week and ride my hits with some powerful posts, suck up some of that good PR juice I've been getting, ride the education wave, maybe push myself up into that 7 out of 10 Google Page Ranking slot so coveted by the hitmakers.

Or I can go home.

I'm going home.

I'm going to play and write odes to Shelley, or maybe not do anything at all, except read Marek. I'm going to goof off and do what matters here.

It's time to dust off the old homestead. Can't afford not to. You'll see.

You want in, email me.

From the Gonzo Engaged sidebar:

"In the meantime,
the time of our lives,
all we have is intuition
and stories
to try to make sense of the world,
to provide some sort of vision
of where we're at
and where we may be headed.
But that's not so bad.
As a species,
it's all we've ever had."
-Chris Locke

see you soon.