October 07, 2003

In case you're wondering

Michael O'Connor Clarke is an incredibly smart, brilliant-even, marketing/PR strategist, with a sense of humor that knocks your knees out from under you. I learned that in our too-brief phone conversation yesterday.

He's also considering becoming "A Reefer".

This where Michael's Bio lives.

I don't want you to hire him.

No, I really don't. Not yet.

I am so selfish I scare myself.

You see, I want MOCC to collaborate with me on something reaaallly big and sarcastically biting.

That is, I want his brain for myself. Problem is, I can't pay him.

Can't even pay me.

So, the right thing for me to do is to tell you that if you are looking for one of the smartest business heads who is tapped into spontaneously generating micromarkets on the Net, someone who happens to know how to sell, market, position, spin-when-necessaray, THINK, and, most importantly, HOW TO HAVE A CONVERSATION, then, go ahead. Hire his ass.

I dare you.

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