October 07, 2003

MOCC and JDS on Billability - aka The PR Firm Ate My Brain

For a chucke, here is a bit of post-traumatic stress disorder humor for ex agency/firm/consultancy POWs...

I relate it here, also, billing as I type, I assure you (she looks over her shoulder):

Jeneane to MOCC

Are you billing now?


yet? Are you billing yet?

are you...



How about now?

Right now--are you billing?

Right now?

I mean, billing.

Are you... billing?

Okay, now are you?

You know, billing.

Are you?

No really.

Are you billing now?

MOCC to Jeneane

Actually I just billed ALL of the time spent typing up that story to one of your clients. What was that docket code again?

And now I'm off to pick up Charlie from school. I intend to bill the walk there to...um...let me see - perhaps one of H&K's clients. And the walk back to...oh, I don't know - how about an FH customer? That should do.

I hope you're billing for reading this.

And for thinking about reading this - and for thinking about billing while you're reading this thinking about reading this and thinking about billing for thinking about reading this.

Are you billing this?

And how about this?

Is this pixel billable? Can we claim that one? How many dots per inch can we apply 20% markup to?

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