October 07, 2003

I need to be working, but instead I'm thinking about my inference from a conference

Two nasty deadlines in the next two days, and this afternoon I slept.

I slept this afternoon.

Now I'm majorly screwed, and I'm majorly sucked into blogging and reading blogs in some sort of proxy-blogger-con fever.

But I don't want to talk about the CON ference (CONflict CONman CONgame CONtrary). Instead I want to ditch the CON and put an IN up front.

IN for inclusion
IN for inside
IN for Internet
IN for intent

So, onto talking about what I inferred from not attending bloggercon.

First, I somehow feel as if I know everyone I would have met a lot better than if I had not not attended at all.


And I'm trying to figure out why, since I, you know, didn't go.

Maybe it felt live, and not memorex, because unlike a lot of the other cons, this con had bloggers writing as much about the periphery action as they did the wineriphery action.

In other words, I learned more from what people wrote about their INtersections with one another than I did reading the blogscripts of the sessions, or than I ever could have as one person with two eyes.

Reading the goings on in real time, it seemed to me like living hyperlinks were jumping all over The Berkman Center.

bing, bing, leap, leap.

From Elaine, I learned that AKMA had a blast with SI and that they are a special father and a special son.

From about 100 people, I learned that Halley Stealth Discoed Joi.

I know David, Doc, and Chris sat together at dinner one night.

And apparently Frank Paynter is the new babe magnet. (Talk about stealth!)

These are the things I care about as a blogger.

Esther Dyson said it loud and proud here. (I'm thinking Esther's not the "you go, girl" type, but if she were, I'd high five her and do the bump a couple three times for what she shared with us in her "attention divide" post.)

Read Esther. I think matter moves fastest at the periphery, doesn't it?

I really need to get to work now.


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