October 08, 2003

That Love Hate Thing

Whenever I get disgusted about weblogging, where I see it going, and where I hoped it wouldn't go, I do one thing consistently: I go home.

I go back to my roots, return to the lake, that grey-blue place I started with one tiny pixel in 2001 that became the first team weblog on blogspot. Who cares about firsts? Not me usually. But I care about how old the place is and how longstanding the relationships are with the people who made their home there. And still do. For many of us, Gonzo Engaged was our first home--the blog that came before most of the Class of 2001 had their own blogs.

I love that place still and because of.

When I hate everyplace else in blogspace, even this place, and when I despair over what the same passionless boring been-there-done-that bullshit small-dicked Institution jockeys want to bring here, I go back there.

And that blog opens its big fucked-up-templated arms, and says HEY! That blog, where every member is an administrator which provides no end to fucked up formatting and lost shit, is home. That blog is honest. That blog reminds me:

Remember joy? Remember passion? Remember outrage? Remember when VOICE was supposed to be the antidote to institution? Remember why we came here in the first plalce? Remember that the solution is poetry? Remember what institution looks like? Remember what it feels like? Remember how it ate your brain the firist time around? Remember what business as usual looks like? Remember that shit?

Another reason the place still feels like home is that He's usually waiting there.

He's a citizen now, you know. Consider that. America finally got clued.

How bout you?

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