January 22, 2004

One more note about politics (ick) then back to your irregularly scheduled programming

Deanies, take a look at this Edwards guy, and women voters especially, take a look at his interesting wife, Elizabeth. A recent article by Georgie Anne Geyer from the 16th discusses feminism and the 2004 election. A snippet:

Elizabeth Edwards, the outspoken wife of hunky Southern senator and trial lawyer John Edwards, for instance, is known to be most candid, whether giving forth on education or on critiques that, to many, she looks older than her boyish-looking husband. "I don't want to walk around and hear people say, 'Oh, look, there's John Edwards with his mother,'" she said recently.

Elizabeth Edwards' forthrightness does fit into the patterns of contemporary feminism. She is there with her man, but she is her own woman with her own ideas, her own jokes and her own digs at her critics.

As I said in my previous post, I liked Elizabeth's post over on the Edward's site. We'll see if she does more of that.

More importantly--there is no other Democratic candidate running who can make a dent against Bush in the South. None. Certainly not Dean. He can't win here--he blew it even before the confederate flag and rednecks comment. If the Democrats have the slightest chance of nudging Bush out, they must win the South.

Kerry can't win here. Dean can't win here. Clark can't win here.

But Edwards could.