January 21, 2004

Searched my site for the word "blog." Copied and pasted parts of the abbreviated returns displayed on the first couple pages


I've never actually met the man
seen him in three dimensions.

Dream a little blog with me.

waxing and waning.
I've figured it out.
Not me alone.
You know.
But I think I figured out
the problem with the planet

Have your mute button ready.

My Dear Jenna,
I was reading
through my archives,
the posts that I've written here
I noticed something
that made me very sad.

There are days
when they should take
my laptop away.
this is one of them.
before any pain medicines
hit my veins, I wake up.

Between fits of laughter,
I think I heard him say something like,
He asked
me to keep an eye
on his blog.

Okay. Well.
There's no telling
where your blog will wind up.
So. Then.
I have
a confession to make.

I hate feeling like I have to blog,
when I don't feel like it,
that the blog takes time
away from my family,
that blogging doesn't pay
that I have to blog so often

Still others are mere copies
of what we hear
on cable news
and talk radio,
which, in my mind,
is a waste
of good blog space.

Think about going
to the grocery store
Find anything else to do
Blog Stop blogging
Get off the fucking couch
Get car keys and purse
Walk down the steps.

But the blog tugs at my pant leg.
Comeon, baby,
blog some more.
say something else.