June 14, 2004

Good Call, We'll See.

I had a good call with Mike Sigal of Guidewire Group discussing my take on BlogOn, business and blogging, voice vs. identity, and the like.

Mike called me after reading my post on the event, and I give him a 10 out of 10 on careful listening to my take on what's wrong with talking to businesses about blogging this way, why the same-old folks talking among the same-old folks promising new solutions from the "tool" called blogging makes me itchy with hives (i think I did say hives, right Mike?), and why the voice and message (and claims) on the BlogOn Welcome page rub me the wrong way. In other words, I had my say.

For his part, Mike explained that things will soon unfold on the site that will represent and facilitate a larger discussion among the weblog community around the event. I told him I look forward to that. And I do. Mike welcomed my continued critique, except I think he said criticism, on what they're doing with BlogOn. He never once asked, "Why'd you have to call it Blow Gun?" You have to respect that.

I told him I don't always criticize, that sometimes I'm downright euphoric about what's happening on the Web (take my affair with Orkut and Flickr as evidence). And I told him that I would indeed keep an eye and an ear on BlogOn and hope it does take a more inclusive dynamic form online. I hope it's something different. Jay Rosen can tell you that I'm all about participating in pre-conference think tanks.

Mike also welcomed me to the event as a responder for one of the panels, but as is my problem with most of these events, I can't get away from my own business, my own family responsibilities, or my own bank account easily. I will most likely partake from the stands.

Anyway, thanks Mike for an interesting talk and for being an officer and a gentleman. ;-)