June 18, 2004

"Powers or Suitt or Sessum - I am in good company

...versus Dave and Rogers and The-Silent-Kiss-Up-White-Male-Power-Bloggers.

I'd rather be me than you.

What George W. Winer might say, is you're either with me or against me. You good ole boys know where you stand. Your silence speaks volumes.

"If you didn't have a weblogs.com site, you can't complain."

Bullshit. I READ many of those sites, my friends WRITE many of those sites, and I'll complain like hell. Especially when I received emails from folks saying they can't speak out yet, until their data is safe.

"Next time Powers or Suitt or Sessum try to insert hysterics, we can swarm them with love, ask them to stand back until the problem is clear, to stop meddling and when there's an outage, please please don't get us Slashdotted."

Yah, Dave, maybe next time, when there is an actual outage. And please, don't swarm me with your love until you learn what it is. Oh my God. Oh Please. No, don't swarm me with love.

Women meddle.

Men enable.

And all the sheep are nervous.