June 16, 2004

Interim Dean

Dean Landsman has a temporary blog up. He talks about the surprise of the shut down and says no to survivor guilt for Doc and the few other weblogs.comers who remain:

...there's absolutely no reason to be suspicious, angry, hostile or any other such attitude toward Doc Searls' blog or any of the others that survived the change.

Doc didn't participate in turning off the blogs. That he got to keep his blog is not some sinister plot or the action of a cabal. It is simply a courtesy provided to him . . . one he neither requested in advance nor knew about until he learned that mine and others hosted at weblogs.com were SOL.

He knew nothing about it until it occurred!

Doc was one of the people I had called to ask to look and see if the odd page-view was on their PC, as well. He was as surprised as I was. And he, too, was seeing that peculiar screen, congratulating the new blogger. Doc noted that the problem was evident, and suggested I contact a fellow he and I know who is a Manila person, and who had helped me with some source coding last year.

Glad to see you up and running, Dean!