June 16, 2004

/. - the morning after.

I've been out all day. Funny how the real world interrupts the other real world now and again.

The big news to me, this day, is that apparently SLASHDOT OWNS ME! Wow! How cool is that? Thank you for the comments from the non-anonymous SLASHDOTers who stopped by. To those who thought super geeky cool to post many many comments alerting me that SLASHDOT now OWNS ME, well, I have to say that's a load off my mind.

Since SLASHDOT now OWNS ME, SLASHDOT can begin paying my mortgage, my health insurance, my credit card bills--oh, and yes! MY HOSTING FEES!

And thumbs up to the folks at Blogspot/Bloogle, my revered host, who gave me free hosting for my first year or so of blogging, who never decided to drop kick me one day when they didn't get a mention in Time Magazine, whom I've paid for the last two years, and who, I may add, handled the extra slashdot traffic just fine.

Whoohoo! Thumbs up to indentured servitude!