June 18, 2004

I'm an old school blogger.

There was a time on Weblogs, not so long ago, two years or three, when we wrote with passion and danced like gulls. We swore. A lot. Even at one another. We said what we thought. We spit and we snorted. We called eachother out. By name. We hurled criticism and kisses just the same. We didn't candy coat our thoughts, temper our ideas with pros and cons, and wait and sees, and maybes and therefores, and perhapses and in my opinions, we said what the fuck we thought, read the same from friends and frustrators, responded, and used the dynamics as a catalyst for good writing, real conversation, and the birth of a few good ideas.

I still write like that. I wouldn't be here if I couldn't. I do boring business speak on my off time. But this is where I choose to show myself. And I'm fighting not to go away. Because it's so lame now. It's just so lame.

Gary, I really miss you today.