April 19, 2005

As long as you have worked so hard to get your gender equality ducks in a row...

...then i guess, whine whine, that everything is just fine.

I'm not going to invite women to blogger dinners just to have gender equality there. Sorry. On the other hand, I am very sensitive to this issue. At the MSN Search Champs group this week there are several women attending and we went overboard to find women bloggers who are passionate about computers and technology. But, it was easier there because we are flying people in from all over the world and not just the San Francisco Bay Area.

Yah, you think that's funny? Go read the comments. "OH, well you didn't invite black people? aliens? HA HA" type of crap. Continued version of the conversation going on over at Shelley's.

FORGET Bush. The damn tech world needs a revolution to overthrow the current mantra of stupidity.

The inbreeding has reached critical mass.