April 21, 2005

Let's say I want to try this podcasting thing

I've been avoiding the whole-nine-yards around podcasting. I've never heard one. I don't know what it takes to do one. I think it's a weird name. I can't see how it's different from audioblogging.

But with all the buzz, I know it's different. I just don't know WTF.

All of this and more was what I was thinking last night -- night being the time I get most pissed off at weblogging, well, at just about everything, they call that hypervigilence in trauma psychology, but I digress -- as I decided that I need something new to recharge my juices around this space.

So, I have an Acer laptop. I don't have external speakers, just, you know, the built in speakers.

I have a power cord and a DSL cable.

That quite literally is all I have, not counting an ink-jet printer.

What else do I need to create my first podcast? And where can I listen to some good ones?

Thank you very much.