April 22, 2005

So, help me some more oh smart readers...

See this post on this experimental blog--I'm starting with an mp3 I already have and trying to understand the backend of this process.

I'd appreciate any answers you could provide over there. Also, links to great shows and essential reading on podcasting are appreciated.

And yes, my mind is already on fast-forward, seeing how podcasting can blogging into a platform more than a medium, which needs to happen before we kill the momentum we've created. I see too the business implications of all of this, and the artistic "free agent" implications. It is, actually, quite exciting.

I thought Podcasting was just a bunch of geeks talking into microphones, like Larry King meets Home Alone. I see now that it is much, much more.

Weblogging needs this. There are so many people writing that perhaps some really should be talking instead. This will help sort and shape us by our talents, enable great writers to avoid slipping beneath the noise threshold of weblogging. In the mean time, podcasting gives great brains a way to share what's inside them without having to be confined to the constructs of the written word. This is huge.

And then there's podcasting's potential role in the whole music and creative works distribution/ownership revolution, which is mindblowing in its own right.

Okay, over to POD street now.