April 21, 2005

Podcasting Parade

The comments on my PODcasting questions are incredibly astute and useful. Well, it is a credible bunch after all. Shelley points to this link, which provides a great "how to" video for setting up a kit, as well as pricing and order information.

Ethan at The Vision Thing has been generous with his advice via email and has just about talked me into my first PODcast (at his end at least) interview. Great interviews on his site.

Lisa Williams simplified PODcasting over here. She also gives TV Guide a couple of hints.

Believe it or not, I now understand.

I really do.

I think I want to play with it. George says he has some of the pieces I need. He could do a full-blown deal, but I'm trying to get HIM to go that route too.

It's a more natural medium for him. For me, it's--what did they used to call it during review time at The Agency? A Development Opportunity (i.e. something you suck at and better improve at or no ladder climbing for you.)

God bless us bloggers, every one.