April 23, 2005

Getting to Know All About You.

As writers, weblogging over time presents a unique quandry: How do we write sequentially in a way that is relevant to both first-time readers and long-time regulars. There are three groups of people who come here: first-timers/happen-to-wind-up-here folks, the I've-read-you-on-and-off-for-a-while-now folks, and the I-started-when-you-did folks. Each of these groups has a different context in which they understand me and what I write.

There are times when I know that I've written a post that, had I just happened upon my own blog as an outsider, would lead me to think I was a.) a jerk, b.) lame or c.) a genius. Of course, none of these things are completely accurate.

We really can't extract or create an accurate picture of a weblogger -- what he or she stands for or believes, what kind of voice we can expect as a visitor to this blogger's site -- without factoring in that blogger's unique voice and its evolution over time.

I think expectations today are that each post stands alone.

I think that can't be true.

I say this because yesterday I wanted to say:

read me.
read all of me.
don't stop reading me until you know me.
know me.
know all of me.
don't stop knowing me until I know you.

I guess my point is that I don't come here to be entertained, to read an author as I would read a novel or a piece of non-fiction.

I come here to read and understand what you say within the context of your life, your experiences.

I come here to know you.

As much as you will tell me.

That's why I first came.

That's why I still come.