August 18, 2005

I Dug the River Denial

Okay folks. It's our annual Health Insurance Discussion forum! I haven't wanted to say it out loud, either to myself or to George who might find out by reading this post if I forget to tell him sooner, that our Health Insurance premium with Blue Cross/Blue Shield is going up to nearly $1K a month on October. That's WITH a $500 deductible that has to be satisfied first, and that's with $20 or $40 copay for RXs and $20 copay for doctor's visits.

It was $796 this year. And the year before that it was $620 and that was with an additional rider on it for therapy, etc.

Isn't there some kind of cap on this madness?

Remember when Hilary Clinton made healthcare her initiative?

Remember when it wasn't like this?

If one thing puts me out of small-businesshood, it'll be the cost of healthcare and the pressure of having to carry it ourselves.

Anyone have any better family premiums or companies I can look into?

Man oh man.

Guess now that I blogged it, I really do have to think about it.