August 15, 2005

more than two weeks on the run--Coco Returns

The bucket trap worked! More than 2 weeks after the poor girl popped out of her unlatched cage top while we vacationed in sunny Rochester, she is back in her cage, and, well, a lot worse for the wear. George set up a bucket in the laundry room, after we saw her down the basement a couple of days ago, and leaned it against a chair, put her food dish in the bottom of the bucket, and tossed some clothes around that would allow her to climb up and INTO the tilted bucket, from which her escape would be MOST unlikely.

Well, she fell for it, poor thing. I came down to take Jenna to school this morning and there was Coco in her bucket!

She lost A LOT of weight, her hair is all matted, and she looks like death warmed over. But she's had a half bottle of water today and a half dish of hamster food, so here's hoping she's on the mend. I hope she takes it slow but steady. I respect an animal who can figure out how to deal for more than two weeks on dirty laundry and dust mites.

Hey, you can lead a Hamster to water....