August 16, 2005

I smoke books now.

You know by now that when I quit smoking, the only thing to quell my urge to do multiple things in a single moment was to walk around with a book. Including in the pool. Which has given me quite a rep among the pool moms. They know if I'm walking laps while reading, holding the book up just above my head in the 5-foot area, then it MUST be a good read.

Well, I'm involved with hard-copy paper again. I've fallen in so far and so hard that I'm licking the bindery glue.

If I could smoke this book, I would. It's Above the Thunder by Renee Manfredi. Just super writing and characters of so many dimensions I'm not sure if one of them is typing this, or if I am. They're all over my room. They're with me when I drive. Manfredi is DAMN good.

Maybe not this week, maybe not this month, maybe not this year. But you will read this book.