August 18, 2005

Lawyers do it, doctor's do it, knitter's do it, mom's do it...

Why not cops?

Top of the Cop is fairly hilarious. Billed as Detective Steve Rose's North Fulton Neighbrohood Watch Report, Steve's blog gives us a look at some of the dumb things people do:
An office supply company’s alarm system activated when the offender apparently used his data card to enter at 6:24 a.m. He left the building at 6:28 a.m. His name was displayed on the card. Missing is a 15” LCD monitor, HP computer bundle and two Kodak digital cameras with one docking station.

It remains to be seen if the card was stolen or not. It could have been stolen and someone used it or the employee set up a “stolen card” scenario while in cahoots with someone else — or he could just be really dumb and forget what a data card does.

We had an ATM money stocker do that once. He set up a fake robbery at the ATM in the North River shopping center. While he was putting the money in the ATM, a man came up and robbed him, taking $37,000. During the interview with the victim at our precinct, he became nervous and developed about a dozen nervous twitches at which time the detectives changed the “sympathy” approach to a confrontation. He didn’t last five minutes before he gave up his friend as the other party to the crime.
It's a regular Cops on Blogs.