August 17, 2005

What I like About School--More Questions than Answers

Mom, who was your mother's mother's great grandmother? Because that's the one who saw it.

Saw what?

Saw Mars--this month is when it's closer to earth than since 500 years ago!


Yep, and we can see it at 10:00 each night if it's not cloudy.

Cool. That's right up your alley and Daddy's.

I know. So your mother's mother's great grandmother would have seen it, but we won't be alive to see it next time. Because it's 500 years from now.

I guess that's right. But your children's children's children's children, or their kids, probably will.

I KNOW! Can you believe that! So, do I have aunt sisters?

Do you have any what?

Aunt sisters--the people from olden days--Do I have them? Any aunt sisters?

Do you mean ancestors?

YES. Do I have them?

Well sure, everyone has ancestors. It just means the family that came before us.

So who are mine?

Okay let me just start your dinner and I'll think about that.