October 21, 2005

Dear New Job of Tony's

Only TPop can write a letter to his new job and make it sound this good. It's just not natural what he does with those letters he writes to persons, places and things, but I and my readers are glad he writes them.

TPop (I made that nickname up for this post) works for Buzznet now, which is like Fickr but different. I would wager, being that they picked TPie (that's another nickname I made up for this post) to be their blog-liaison or I'm not sure exactly his title, that they're looking to be the badboy photo sharing community, which is to say I probably wouldn't have even given Buzznet a plug if Stewart had written back to me two weeks ago when I asked him to buy me. Sheesh. They always forget the little people.

Now that my Flickr Friends are all like can we grab a nap now that we're Yahoo, I don't mind plugging Buzznet, because you know me and underdogs and new things. Just ask Stewart. I was all over Flickr from day one, which is pre-day-one for you. What were there like four people on when we had the IM going and the slip-a-photo-in-your-chat-session thing? Talking about adding MP3s next, because it wouldn't have been that hard...

Dear TPie and Buzznet, you should go dig up some of the alpha features from the old Flickr and stick them into Buzznet, the good ones that is, especially the chat where you could slap photos into the middle of your chat session like exclamation points and surprise poeple--hey here's the penis pig dammit! And how you could like grab people and toss them into your session like photos, and then drag them out, and you didn't have to actually have PHOTOS back then, because if you ever look up my stuff on Flickr you'll notice that most are collages that I should be embarrassed to have up there, but I put them up there in the beginning when all you had was a little desk tray that those photos lived in, for example Dave Winer as Alexander Graham Bell.

Because when Flickr had to get all nice in order to get looking tastey enough to buy, God Rest Their Souls, I think they had to decide what to become, and I just HATE that stage as a user, so they decided to be a photo sharing site, and damn if they didn't build the best little taxi this side of manhattan. But back in the day of alpha, Flickr was much more than that; in fact it exploded features out of its own ass daily. And I even remember most of them.

Catrina and Stewart never slept and were always on, creeping up on you when you lest expected it. That is what you call a best practice. Hi Stewart!

So anyway, I wanted to tell T-Lo that we are proud of him and his new job and thank you for taking us to that BlowGun conference with you Tony because this is the second year it crept up on me, and I'm all: It's BlowGun Time Again?


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