October 20, 2005

The Eighth Wonder of the World

Reptition compulsion is so amazing to me - me a serial offender - that I have over my yet-to-be-made morning coffee labeled it the eighth wonder of the world.

Sure, it lacks a certain physical manifestation, there are no big waterfalls or canyons to distinguish it, except in my psyche and bank account, but it is astounding in its power and majesty all the same.

And so it is with pride, for my head knocking enjoyment and yours, that I reintroduce the simple, elegant wonder of repetition compulsion, which bears repeating.

Have a good morning!


misterorange said...

Wow, how do you get up in the morning that early?

I was thanking my lucky charms this morning because my wife had a dentist appointment. Dentist visits mean I get to sleep two more hours. So yay for those guys.

misterorange said...

Oh yeah, and {small text joke}. Just so we're consistent here ;)