October 16, 2005

--time out--

I wish I knew how to bump the font size up a smidgeon on the body font for each post. I just don't even see the reference to it in the template.

Is it big enough for you guys to read?


Anonymous said...

Look for these lines in your CSS:

font-family: verdana, 'trebuchet ms', sans-serif;
font-size: 11px;

Bump the size up to whatever you like.

It looks like you are linking to the css at:


So you might have to add the CSS to your template. If you do -- first try just adding that one piece to see if it works.

I hope that helps.

misterorange said...

I think it's a little tiny myself (I'd just increase the font size in my own browser), but I use a feed reader, so its no skin off my blogging reader eyes :)