June 06, 2006

future by design and Jaque Fresco

I always click through the blogads that I accept (sometimes even before I accept them!) to make sure they're sending folks where they're supposed to, to see what's at the other end of the tunnel, etc.

The most recent ad about the Atlanta Film Festival and Future by Design caught my attention as I explored inward.

I'd never heard of the work of Jacque Fresco until I accepted the ad for my blog. I found the site fascinating. Whether or not the future cooperates with Fresco's design, I have to say I wouldn't mind seeing the movie OR living inside a world like this virtually--3rd life, the underwater version.

Look at these designs. They're amazing. Maybe we can engage Mr. Fresco to re-design Atlanta.

"there are no civilized people yet. it's a process constantly going on. As long as you have war, police, prisons, crime, you're in the early stages of what they call civilization. All of the marvels and wonders of technology amount to nothing unless it elevates humans to their highest potential." -- Jacque Fresco

Perhaps that's a bit new-agey, but when you've lived a long time and designed entire future worlds, I can suspend my disbelief long enough to pay the proper respect.

Here's Fresco's Inventions and Designs- many of which have been patented and have had wide commercial acceptance.

    • Systems for noiseless and pollution free aircraft

    • A new aircraft wing structural system, patented by the US Air Force

    • An electrostatic system for the elimination of sonic boom

    • Boundary layer control and electrodynamic methods for aircraft control that dispenses with ailerons, elevators, rudders, and flaps

    • A three-wheel automobile consisting of only 32 parts

    • “The Aluminum Trend House,” a prefabricated house designed and developed for Mike Shore and Earl Muntz, 1945

    • Designed and developed another prefabricated aluminum house for Major Realty Corporation in collaboration with Aluminum Company of America

    • Developed numerous components and systems for architectural construction

    • Developed equipment ranging from 3-dimensional x-ray units to electronic surgical instruments for the medical field

    • Developed a technique for viewing 3-dimensional motion pictures without the use of glasses

    • Designed and built a wide variety of reinforced concrete structures

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