June 07, 2006

pervasive cluetraining

it's nice to see people continue to discover and apply the highly relevant Cluetrain Manifesto, even as others race to be the first to unveil "what's next."

I argue that what comes after cluetrain is cluetrain.

Because cluetrain is not linear, it's hyperlinked. With hyperlinks--surprise--there is no beginning and no end. Cluetrain is a way of relating, not a marketing program or campaign. Cluetrain is the journey -- toot toot -- not the boarding pass. It's the "along the way," not the "here we are."

And in keeping with it's purpose, Cluetrain is as personal. as personal to me and him and her as it is to chris, doc, and david.

That's why those red flags start-a wavin' when I hear anyone proclaim this or that as "the next cluetrain"

My god, we just got here. We lugged a goddam big huge boulder uphill at great personal risk (independence means under-insured) over the last seven years, and we're three steps from the summit.

Except that it's a web, not a hill. We traverse across, not up.


This is the cluetrainian era, not the post-cluetrainian era.

Fry up some baloney, layer on some mayo, and enjoy it.

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miss rogue said...


I'm not certain why you are so insistent on staying in a holding pattern. I totally agree with you that we are now, finally, experiencing the Cluetrain come to life. In fact, if companies don't embrace it, they will quickly perish.

But even Doc, Chris and David have asked the question, "What is down the road?" They've all written books and papers on the subject. They are all working on theories of the future.

The Cluetrain will always be that canonical text that flipped the switch on thinking. However, it is time to go further...to push us out of our comfort zones. Holding onto something stops progress...and there is so much more to be learnt.

You are protecting something that was meant to be free to build upon.

Jeneane Sessum said...

Wow--I don't think I'm in a holding pattern. Am I in a holding pattern? Mostly I think and write here.

You may be mistaking the post for more than random putting together of stuff, according to me--which is basically what I do.

Simple rundown: Chris pointed me to two oddly new posts on cluetrain this a.m., one a book review seven years after (i.e., cluetrain's new to this person), and another on that Madison Ave site which for whateva reason repubed all the theses interspersed with Da Vinci Code images (i.e., wtf?), and that got me thinking (and linking) and comparing the 'what's next' crowd to the 'it's pervasive' thinking (the side i come down on).

I just do. So I say so on my blog. No offense meant. However, the black and white thinking in your comment doesn't translate well to me. 'stop progress' 'holding on' 'comfort zone' 'protecting' -- read the middle part of my post again. You're missing how I define cluetrain.

"The next cluetrain" won't need to reference itself as the next anything. That we are in the middle of nextness does not mandate a brand, a movement, a methodology. It's nextness, currentness if you will, is inherent. It's unveiling is process, not stake-in-the-ground. In other words, tell me something new, don't tell me that you're telling me something new. (the "you" in that previous sentence isn't you, Tara, it's the extrapolated you.)

Hope that helps clarify what I was meandering about.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see how certain insights from then can still flash into the now. There's also, I guess, a kind of co-optation or misprision that can occur when/because/if minds of a certain persuasion decide that a statement like "markets are conversations" is not so very different from conversation marketing. "Dress appropriately!"

Jeneane Sessum said...

eeeckkk! shoot me. bang. i'm dead.

miss rogue said...

LOL...Jeneane...I can't wait until we meet someday. I have a feeling that you and I will get along...;)

Face Time...is that what they call that bs? Anyway...it makes all the difference. ;)

Damned blogs.

Denise said...

Amen. *At least* three steps. Kind of like those treks up Everest where the whether keeps rolling in and foiling the key last bit necessary to make it a success. Base camp almost-there is a rollicking great achievement, but the view just doesn't compare.

Denise said...

That would be "weather..."

Jeneane Sessum said...

weather, whether, it's all good when denise stops by! Great analogy, D. (although being living room impaired, you know, i can sorta kinda relate). ;-)