June 07, 2006

pervasive cluetraining

it's nice to see people continue to discover and apply the highly relevant Cluetrain Manifesto, even as others race to be the first to unveil "what's next."

I argue that what comes after cluetrain is cluetrain.

Because cluetrain is not linear, it's hyperlinked. With hyperlinks--surprise--there is no beginning and no end. Cluetrain is a way of relating, not a marketing program or campaign. Cluetrain is the journey -- toot toot -- not the boarding pass. It's the "along the way," not the "here we are."

And in keeping with it's purpose, Cluetrain is as personal. as personal to me and him and her as it is to chris, doc, and david.

That's why those red flags start-a wavin' when I hear anyone proclaim this or that as "the next cluetrain"

My god, we just got here. We lugged a goddam big huge boulder uphill at great personal risk (independence means under-insured) over the last seven years, and we're three steps from the summit.

Except that it's a web, not a hill. We traverse across, not up.


This is the cluetrainian era, not the post-cluetrainian era.

Fry up some baloney, layer on some mayo, and enjoy it.

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