June 08, 2006

make up a word 2.0 day

what's a word for what happens when you've been pronouncing a web 2.0 company name in your head one way for like four months and then you hear a podcast or someone talks to you on the phone from that company and you realize you've been pronouncing it wrong in your head the whole time.


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mcdtracy said...

"Missaslippi": (but you must say it with a bit of a lisp).

You may create variants too...
Ho boy, did I missaslip your companies name. That way they think you've been drinking and might not be offended.

"Malapoop" might work too... as in lay a little doodie on their carpet.

Then's there's that universal cover-up... I'm from _______ and that's they way we say it [down|up|over|there] (asshole).

The asshole tag is optional.

How do you say Linux?

Anonymous said...


If you have merely interchanged syllables, then Spoonerism.