June 06, 2006

ragged and wormy

It's sinus infection time--oh that lovely time of the year when my face is filled with staples and my brain is pushing up marshmallows, and I can't unearth a single cogent thought from the mucus sea inside of me.

cripe. i'm sick and i am not good at being sick. not now not ever.

I have three deadlines waiting for me, they have come to life, staring at their melting Daliesque watches wondering when I might deliver. One cogent thought. Just ONE, and I might be able to rescue whatever phlegm-encrusted bits of self-belief I had going into this rapid-onset sinusitis.

aaaahrgh. my face. my teeth. o.

I looked up photos of hookworms today because that's what Sophie has (or had now that i've dosed her with five syringes of wormer) and there were 17 other things I should have been doing, but the vet telling me how hookworms have teeth and how humans can catch them (I guess by dancing on dog shit), left me too curious for my own good.

You see them, right? Let me just say that if they were the size of my pinky finger, I'd stick one between my eyes right now so it could suck the crap out of my sinuses--teeth and all.

they had it right with leeches.

now, imagine that hookworm face singing opera.

Funny, eh?

k. good night.

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