August 21, 2007

doc's new doo

Doc has a new blog home, and quite honestly, it's freakin me out.

Not just the words "law" and "harvard" and "edu" in the URL, though that would be enough. Beyond the establishmentishness, I just can't get used to the template. Even with Doc's face and old masthead at the top, I'm like, "Can we go home now?"

Sure this design is simpler and cleaner, but there's something to be said about Doc's messy old house with small fonts and 100000 people on his blogroll, more than one woman too.

Doc's house was a place I visited before I started blogging in 01. I know I'll get used to his new place over time, but I can't get past thinking, "Doc doesn't talk in that font; Doc talks to me in Serif! Doc has more columns than this--where did his miscellaneousness go? And who ran off with Searls BlueGray Stripes(TM), anyway?"

I realize that final bloggers had to step off the bus eventually, and Doc's posts will still be a daily read for me in his new digs, but I can't help feeling like I've just seen him for the first time in a year, and he's completely bald.

So Doc, one favor--keep your hair, okay?


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