August 23, 2007

seams, apart

So i'm on steroids and levaquin now as the augmentin didn't work to get rid of this sinus infection/bronchitis, which of course has made friends with my asthma. This has been a rough patch -- thank you for all the supportive emails, friends. You don't know how it helps to read them when I'm worrying through the night. George has a procedure at the hospital next week--we may have an overnight there. I love him.

How's tricks in the blog world?

I checked and briefly noticed that, in addition to Doc moving, Scoble was taking another poignant pause, Shelley had been too quiet, and Elaine had made me a very nice healing collage. Everyone else has either been bought by Google or acquired by Oracle. So apparently I can go back to my warm washcloth and steroids now.

OH did anyone fix healthcare while I was out?



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