March 26, 2003

the thing that makes me angry

is losing my health insurance.

I am currently welcoming suggestions on good PPOs or other health insurance plans that take humans as well as corporations. I've looked into the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia's plans and think that the PPO looks pretty good. I don't know how much it costs--only reviewed the stuff online. It looks far better than the HMO of Flex programs.

Dig this caveat though: "Pre-existing conditions are not covered for 12 months from the effective date of your contract. Naturally, there's no waiting period for new conditions that may occur after your contract effective date."

Does this mean that everything from the common cold to Jenna's asthma isn't covered for a year? Even if I don't lapse with the current plan? OYE!

Our current plan is Primary Select/Doc First (formerly commonwealth) -- part of the Beechstreet Network -- and the BCBS National PPO for hospitalizaton. The COBRA is $991 a month. Needless to say, I'm checking around for a more affordable plan. I hate to lose it though. Doctors love to see us coming. The plan is very good about paying and there doesn't seem to be a usual-and-customary-care limit for docs. They smile at us sometimes even.

All of this is to say, Thanks, Tom for helping out. And yes, I'm still on the face of the earth. For what that's worth.

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