March 16, 2006

The Panel We Had to Miss

I'm so thankful to find this transcript of the Blogging While Black Panel at SXSW. It was directly after our panel (same room, SO glad because we got to say hi to folks), and our baby sitter had to be out of our hotel by 5 for an appointment, so we missed it. That was the one panel we really wanted to hit besides Cluetrain. George was so disappointed and so was I.

I love what I read here. From George Kelly being the original negro, to the "well-spoken" lady having been back in attendance, to Tiffany Brown's hate mail and faq experience. Check out George K's quote about turning the melding of blogging and identity into an out-of-browser experience.

So many smart things were shared. Glad we have this transcript from badgerbag.

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