March 15, 2006

conference as physical aggregator

It's all relative.

It occurred to me at SXSW how far technology-related analogies have become the default for me. This was especially apparent when we were at a party with so many of the men and women I'd been wanting to meet for so long, with so many amazing people there (and so many not there), that the party was like a physical aggregator.

The bolded people were there and I was so excited to see that there was something new for me, but then there were those ghosted links, the ones with no new posts, who weren't sitting across the table from me watching me guzzle diet coke or ice water while I wished I was smoking but didn't. The ghosted folks couldn't hear me talk about HOLY SHIT THEY WERE GIVING AWAY AMERICAN SPIRITS outside the conference center at the third-floor smoking lounge, and do you know that was my $4-a-pack brand for YEARS up to the day I quit, and how often do you walk into a conference where there is a booth giving them to you free? What did someone write ahead and tell them? But no, I didn't do it.

My ghosted friends missed that.

And I missed you all.

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