March 13, 2006

OMG people i got to hug & or shake

SXSW Hug/Shake/WaveRoll

Links are coming as soon as i can see strait.


Liza Sabater
Roxanne Cooper
Robert Scoble
Halley Suitt
Henry Copeland
Tony Pierce
Julie Leung
Lisa Williams
Chris Pirillo
George Kelley
EJ Flavors
J. Brotherlove
Grace Davis
Elisa Camahort
Jory Des Jardins
Betsy Devine
Tara Hunt
Marc Canter
Lisa Canter
Liz Henry
Tish Grier
John Lebkowsky
Ralph Brandi
Elaine Nelson

Joi Ito

PLEASE PLEASE tell me who i forgot--if i hugged or waved to you or shook your hand it's not that i meant to not list you above; it's my four hours of sleep in the last 30 something hrs... i apologize in advance. I'll add links. o please remind me. o i'm so tired. i loved the panel it was way way fun.

tony pierce liked that i named him shakespierce.

that made it worth the trip.

more soon as i can think/type.

i have pics to prove we actually made it here.

key observations: we're old. but we're not dead yet.

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Anonymous said...

The woman I was meeting for lunch when I ran into you and Jenna at the Lego table was Elaine Nelson, another blogger.

Julie Leung said...

Thanks for coming! It was fun. Hugs to you all too...Hope you had a safe and quick trip home. Until we meet again :-)

GraceD said...

You and George are beautiful in your pictures, but in person? Swoon!

It was an honor and pleasure to meet you two. I promise we'll have cooler weather for BlogHer.

Jeneane Sessum said...

IT WAS OUR HONOR AND PLEASURE!! what an amazing experience. I cannot WAIT to do it again!!!