March 16, 2006

Guess Who Came to Lunch

Winding up a whirlwind week of blogger touching (okay I'm a little embarrassed by the physical urge I've had to poke people), I got the chance to meet, greet, hug, feed, and chat with Michael O'Connor Clarke and his wonderful family on their way through Atlanta to Disney World today. I just waved goodbye and watched their red van head down the road.

Jenna and the kids hit it right off and had a ball playing "that car matt thing" (MOCC's description) in Jenna's room, and basketball outside. Ask Michael about Jenna's hoop-playing prowess. ;-)

His children are wonderful, his wife is a doll, and what a thrill to finally meet one of my true blog brothers from way back. I left the camera in Austin with George, so you'll have to wait for the O'Connor Clarkes to make it back to the North Country for pix.

Funny thing really--how many years Michael and I have been talking, blogging, writing -- both of us during our time in blogland separating from very big PR firms to newer, smaller, cooler ventures. He has been incredibly supportive to me and my family during this past year of my pseudo-business-partnership-that-wasn't, and during and my separation from that situation.

And today I got to poke him in the arm, slug him, push him around, and make him laugh. I got to touch  his children's hair, hear their voices. Jenna got to give a bear to the kids for the rest of their journey. They brought her a beautiful craft project. Jenna asks, "When can we see them again!?"

I remember when Ruairi was born, and the scare they went through right after. That was more than three years ago. Today I got to smell him and lift him up and take his socks off and roll them into a ball and give him a brownie.

If there is nothing else I get out of blogging, today makes the last five years more than worth it.

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1 comment:

michaelo said...

Almost speechless. What a lovely thing to say! Actually - what a whole lot of lovely things to say. Thank you, Sis.

And thanks for the lunch. And Lily adds an extra big thank you for "Big Blue", who she hugged all the way to Orlando. Oh, and Ruairi throws in his sincere thanks for "Ballie" who he slept with that night, and still goes hunting for a couple of times a day.

It was a pure joy to finally meet you and Jenna. Sorry we missed George - and just sorry it was such a flying visit.

I have some great photos, which I'll blog and email soon.

Love & Mickey Mouse Ears all round.