March 14, 2006

I was at the cluetrain panel when doc said this

...which he framed prior, see, i know a good line when i hear it, and so i go look for it, and all day i've been saying to people, "It's like Doc says, you will make money from your blog before you will make money with it, but then I'm all like, "No, wait, i got the preposition wrong... that's not what he said--so wtf he say? Where are all the live bloggers w/ this information?" and then I'd tell the next persion, tryng again, using with, from, through -- no no no.

Then thank God with Extra Jesus Doc has a post with the accurate quote, which comes from Doc's chapter in a book on Open Source -- a quote that thankfully answers the ANNOYING question we get: so, how do you make money with a blog?

THIS is the anti-business-model-blogging-question-and-answer you must memorize.

Take it away Doc, with the right preposition that I won't soon forget, BECAUSE:

It will eventually become clear to everybody that there is far more money being made because of open source than with open source. This is what we have to remember every time somebody asks, "How can you make money with (open source product)?" The answer is, "You don't make money with it. You make money because of it."
Did I mention that Doc is every bit the nice, astoundingly warm, smart, and great guy I always knew he was?

Yep, he is.

What a time to be alive.