March 16, 2006

I'm so 12

This is one half of the audience from our Bloggers in Love panel at sxsw. Yes, I took pictures from the stage. I'm so 12 years old.

This one was at the very beginning, and Ms. Betsy Devine (YAY I FINALLY MET HER) there in the front row was overcome with exitement and anticipation for the panel that was to come.

I took other pics from the stage. I'm still sorting through the mass of pics.

Hi Betsy! Betsy told me after the panel that I was the first blogger ever to link to her -- that was way back when. I'm so glad I did. I remember finding Betsy and being blown away. It never surprised me that folks gobbled up her smarts and wit. Meeting her was very very cool.

More another day.

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betsythedevine said...

Jeneane--No wonder I was blown away to meet you! I also remember hearing your long-ago audioblog past, way back before anybody was talking about podcasting. That's how I found out how to pronounce your name (don't ask what I thought it was before).