March 16, 2006

Lynch Mob? Security!

There sure is a lot of invoking of words like mob and "lynch mob" today. Please. Please guys.

There is no one being lynched in this latest legal battle (and ongoing RSS scuffle) surrounding your friend -- a battle that's been brewing for months (years?) now? If it has brought out the worst in the blogosphere as you say, then it has brought out the worst in your friend too. I'd argue over the chicken and the egg, but that seems pointless. Something that doesn't seem pointless is to point out that sometimes a friend's job is to stop enabling.

On a personal note, I think you ought to watch the hyperbole, especially in the frequent tossing about of terms like "lynch mob." No innocent party is being hung from a tree, pants down around the ankles, genitals cut off. No body's being dragged behind a pickup truck. Mostly this battle is taking place across comment fields online, and in law offices, PCs, living rooms, and even a million dollar home or two offline.

I don't think a lynch mob could get through security.

This is technology--it's one itty bitty part of the world. And it's funny how sometimes the people (dare I say men?) who invoke such imagery serve to make themselves and this space seem a tad bit more important than it is in doing so.

Drama? How about we go back to WRITING. Remember what that was like?

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