March 14, 2006

Ready to Fly Away Home

I'm going to miss it here. I got a chance to meet and knock heads with some VERY cool people, from Austin and from all points outward. Bloggers and Not. Best of all, people I've known for years but never met.

More when we get back. George is staying for the music fest, but Jenna has to get back to school, and I have to get back to work. Enjoy these great folks in the mean time:


Anonymous said...

Long time no see Jeneane. Been a LONG time since STI.

Glad to see you doing well.

Amazing how small of a place the web can be. I was off looking at some post regarding Kaneva. And some one was saying they saw some thing on Jeneane Sessum, and I thought, could it be? And it was.

I am still here in Atlanta working on my version of virtual reality, taken some interesting twists lately... check out my web page link when the kids are not around.

ralph said...

Was great to finally meet you, Jeneane. Wish we'd had more time to talk, but at least I can now say I've met the mighty Jeneane Sessum. :-)

Jessica said...

I'm so sad that I couldn't attend...I had e-mailed with Shelley some time ago about carpooling.

Jeneane Sessum said...

JESSICA--i'm sad to have missed you too!!!!