March 16, 2006

You Piece of Crap Republicans

Have Ruined This Country for Generations.

Thanks for screwing up my kid's future. You reckless bunch of selfish, privileged, war mongering, sons of bitches.

Manufactured terror and manufactured spending is all you know.

Save the excuses. We heard them several trillion dollars ago. Along with the lies.

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Meme chose said...

You're welcome to ship your kids to any overseas jurisdiction you find more attractive.

Jeneane Sessum said...

Or, I could export my foot up your ass. There's always that option.

CruzanGringa said...

Amen Sister! Thanks for having the sense and courage to verbalize what is right in front of the collective american nose. For every step forward we make by non rebuplicans (Clinton turning a 500 billion dollar surplus, rocking economy), 2 steps back are made by Republicans. It will be third world soon. As for leaving the country - I am in 3 and one half months. This godforsaken Puritanical continent. Left out of the loop, and safe from American hands. Just look at the struggling middle class, thanks to trickle down 20 years later of Reaganomics. And what republicans are doing now is going to tricle down to our children. No ones child has a futre. It's too late to fix.
So I will be Happy on my tropical island, swimming with my dog and reading every day and living my life happily - away from the evil vibes and corruption that has taken hold of america.
I believe that it is child neglect to raise any child in this country called the USA. Any parent who cares about their children and the chance that they have at a life, must move to a place where everyone beleives..."It takes a village[of sane caring people]" to raise a child. America is too far gone to be saved...rusted through and through like cancer.

CruzanGringa said...

Oh, and to disagree sterly is fine, but I find your language and feather flexing sad, while looking at your little one next to you. Not good modeling. Stay stern, but stay detached, no need to get irrate .

CruzanGringa said...

disagree sternly, typo