May 18, 2006

All In The Family, Web 2.0 Style

Passion--with or without a business model--will always win out on the net.

The passionate Susan Kitchens started Family Oral History some time ago, before I noticed services like Our Story (formerly wisdom ark, though  don't think it really launched as wisdom ark but that was the name a couple of weeks ago at OnHollywood, I think. Rebranding in beta--that's webby2.0ey. They were probably waiting to get the good domain, which they did).

Anyway, Susan does a great review of the Our Story service, complete with screen clips and a brief interview with a representative there upon noticing that the TOS indicated a fee may be charged to get your data back out of the service.

That's the thing with "the cloud"--fishing stuff back out.

Susan's post is an interesting look from the perspective of a bloggerpreneur with a passion for preserving family records getting under the hood of a seemingly squeeky-clean web 2.0 beta fresh from OnHollywood. Lots of good feedback there.

I hope Susan also has a chance to take a look at Amiglia, another new family 2.0 beta helping users map and share photos, people, music and games across family connections.

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