May 18, 2006

smite, smote, smitten

Great-great-super-eight post by Brandon.

Secret: It's not just baseball. No woman has ever slugged me in the shoulder and not had me fall head over heels in love with her, even if momentarily. If you want to win my heart, all you have to do is get about a three or four foot running start and put your entire weight behind your tiny fist and plow it into my arm and you will see the cartoon hearts coming out of my head. I bet I’m not alone. You should try it with that guy you're interested in. Next time you see him, don't say 'hi' and curl a lock of hair around your finger coyly. Get right to the goddamn point. Just flat out deck him.

Don't miss the last line.

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Brandon said...

gee, thanks jeneane!

what does 'great great super eight' mean? it's catchy.

Jeneane Sessum said...

i am not sure. i am just not sure. you can have it if you want it tho.