May 17, 2006

You have GOT to love being in (okay on) Business Week

Good article on blogging for small businesses in Business Week Online yesterday and today (part 1, part 2). Man, I can't believe how smart that one chick is:

...You'll want to find someone in your company who's willing to blog regularly, under their real identity and with an authentic voice, says Jeneane Sessum, a communications and social-media consultant. "The role of corporate blogger can be filled by a passionate employee...or [through] a concerted effort that encourages all employees to blog...or it can be the CEO, the development team, or the courier," Sessum says.

And you'll want to be sure that your blogger has something personal and interesting to write about. "If small businesses are thinking of reiterating internal news or press releases on the company blog, they would do well to save their energy and avoid the wrath of the commenters who have been known to swarm on lame entrants into the blogosphere," she warns.

Wow. I got to say "lame" and "swarm" in Business Week. Truthfully? It doesn't get any better than that.

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